About Us



For those of you not familiar with us, the Herd was founded back in July of 07 by Matriarch and Conq, a real life couple that wanted a little something extra to spice up their romance. The clan was crafted for Age of Conan and built around the idea of not taking it, anything, or anyone seriously. We mixed that fuck everything attitude with a retarded cutthroat theme stolen from Korgoth of Barbaria and ran with it creating from scratch what would become one of most notorious clans on the interweb.

Beyond a heavy presence back in Conan, Darkfall, All Points Bulletin and DC Universe, we've played and still play countless shooters and strategy games to pass the time and aside from gaming we host a slew of mumble events such as sing-alongs, trivia nights, drinking games and the ever sacred, movie nights. Beyond the internet, we organize real life events every year that bring in members from all over the states.

Since it’s founding, the Herd has grown and changed quite a bit and will continue to do so. We no longer have a delineated hierarchy of officers/leaders. These days, leaders are on a game by game basis.